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Destinations - Coffee Triangle

Coffee Source: flickr.com by Triangulo del Café
Filandia - Quindio Source: flickr.com
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Eje Cafetero
 ¡Welcome to Eje Cafetero!

The coffee is a set of landscapes, towns and cities, which are complementary in harmony through culture and traditions, legacy of the Colombian history. Within this space a region with entrepreneurship and tenacity, inherited from their ancestors who were always looking for progress on coffee is part features.

 This region is comprised of the departments of Caldas, Risaralda, Quindio, mainly; and the northeastern region of Valle del Cauca and southwestern part of northwest Antioquia and Tolima. All are areas where coffee is the main resource that enables integration of diverse cultures, languages and races. It is a mountainous place with great climatic variety, which has excellent water sources and a favorable environment for the cultivation and production of this product ground. 


The departmental capital Manizales, Pereira and Armenia, are the vertices that make up the Coffee Triangle, territory considered a rural tourist destination, which was the birthplace of the first farmers of this product, and grew to result in sustaining the economy region. 

Each of these departments has its own characteristics and potential, but at the same time working for the union and complete them. Caldas stands out for its educational and knowledge revolution, in addition to industries that are growing globally; Quindio, is the tourist center of the area, its landscapes, parks and activities generated by them; and Risaralda, has a great influence on the manufacturing sector and business in the country; all these departments work together, generating growth and integration paths for the region.

Landscapes, culture and people in the coffee are a differentiating approach at international level; its lush beauty and preserved traditions of a centuries-old culture are a clear example. 

For this reason, it becomes a tourist destination of great importance for the country, now that it has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site with the name Coffee Cultural Landscape.


Facts and tips

For maximum enjoyment and proper preparation for the trip to the Eje Cafeterp , we recommend :
  • Wear comfortable , light cotton clothing.The mountainous conditions and the large temperature difference , make the change is from 0 ° C at high altitudes , up to 23 ° C on very hot days .
  • If you want to visit and learn about the culture of coffee on farms or ranches , it is recommended to take all the willingness to work and learn as a true peasant, in their daily activities .
  • It is recommended to wear sports shoes and safe as you can make adventure activities , hiking and climbing .
  • It is advisable to be vaccinated 10 days before yellow fever , if it is the first time traveling to the destination. 
  • To stay or spend several days in the Los Nevados National Natural Park , you must request permission from the Office of National Parks.
  • Always wear sunscreen, insect repellent , water or hydrating